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  Market Place - Level 1
  Campus Square (Practicing Yard) - Level 1
  Sacred Financial Group Wedding Hall - Level

    Shibuya - Level 1
     Shibuya II - Level 1 to 150
     Shibuya III - Level 170 to 195
Sacred Gate Campus
     Sacred Gate Main Centre 1F- Level 1
     Sacred Gate Campus - Level 1
     Sacred Gate Hole - Level 26
     Sacred Gate Hole Passage
Mystic Peak Campus
     Mystic Peak Main Centre 1F - Level 1
     Mystic Peak Campus - Level 1
      Mystic Peak Hole - Level 26
Phoenix Campus
     Phoenix Main Centre 1F - Level 1
     Phoenix Campus - Level 1
      Phoenix Hole - Level 26
Leonine Campus
     Leonine Campus - Level 63
     Leonine Main Centre 1F - Level 75
     Leonine Main Centre 2F - Level 75
     Leonine Main Centre 3F - Level 75
     Leonine Main Centre B1 - Level 75
     Leonine Main Centre B2 - Level 75
     Leonine Main Centre B3 - Level 100
Trading Hole
     Trading Hole - Level 67
     Underground Car Park 1 and 2 - Level 86
     Trading 3 Passage - Level
     Trading 4 Passage - Level
  Wharf Passage - Level 90
Green Base (Hangout)
     Green Base Level 1 (Hangout 1F) - Level 117
     Green Base Level 2 (Hangout 2F) - Level 120

     Green Base Level 3 (Hangout 3F) - Level 125
Sacred Financial Group Private Prison
     Sacred Financial Group Private Prison (Prison) - Level 130
     Sacred Financial Group Private Prison II (Prison II) - Level 130
     Prison Test Zone - Level 170
     Prison Test Zone II - Level 170
     Seventh Laboratory (Laboratory 7) - Level 170
  Middle Hole - Level 140
  Root Hole - Level 162
Head Office Building
     Head Office Building 1st Floor Lobby (Head B. 1F) - Level 190
     Head Office Building 30th Floor (Head B. 30F) - Level 190
     Head Office Building 50th Floor (Head B. 50F) - Level 190
     Head Office Building 51Floor (Head B. 51F) - Level 190
     Head Office Building 52 Floor (Head B. 52F) - Level 190
     Head Office Building 90th Floor (Head B. 90F) - Level 190
     Head Office Building Outside Left Wall- Level 190
     Head Office Building Outside Right Wall - Level 190
     Head Office Building Underground (Head B. U-Ground) - Level 190
     Director Room (A) - Level 190
     Director Room (B) - Level 190
Cube - Level 190

Another World Temple
     Another World South Temple - Level 190
     Another World Centre Temple - Level 190
     Another World North Temple - Level 190
Saint Research - Level 197
 Research Center B1 - Level 205 (No Map Design Found)

Episode 4 -The Ultimate Awakening

A prophecy was read and it sends shivers down to every student's spine.
Every since the Sacred Financial Group has carried a lot of experiments in the lab,
things have been going uncontrollable now and it even gave birth to a new boss...

Episode 3 - The Ultimate Awakening

It all begins when the experiment fails. It was supposed to be safe and successful. Unfortunately, like what a prophet has foreseen, the whole ran campus will be befallen with a whole new problems again.

The news spreads fast, as if the wall has ears. It strikes fear into the all the students for they have no idea what will happen. Indeed, they knew that there is possibility that all this was from the Sacred Financial Group doings, hiding somewhere carrying out some dangerous experiments. What the students didn't know was the experiment that the group was carrying out, was supposed to go well. 

Due to some slight mistakes, the experiment has gone off wrong in every single aspects until even the Sacred Financial Group itself could not control and it's cover were blown. The group has quietly packed their bags and moved to other places, leaving dangerous and hideous the monsters by itself, changing from evolutions until one by one as they got stronger, the minions all came out to roam the place. 

However, the prophet has also shed a light, that within the campus, there was treasures hidden inside all over it. It was in fact, actually new skill books, refined weapons and armors and maps to make the students be much stronger to fight against the monsters. Happier and motivated, the students began to work together in the mission, which is completed within formations, to help to clear mobs to protect their beloved campus. 

Nevertheless, before the big war, the prophet warns the students, do not be too happy as well, for there is one more, much more powerful enemy that lies within that has not awaken yet for them to fight with.

Episode 2 - Giant Hawk

Previously, on EP2, it all begins with the Sacred Financial Group syndicate trying to take control of all the campus. They have tried to arrange to do hideous experimental tests on students but unfortunately for them, due to the growing number of experimental subjects, they lost control on the monsters and the mobs starts to roam freely around the campus.

Pet System Intro

New Lovely Pet System – Your best Companion ever!
Cute and Adorable little monster, how can you resist it?

What is the Pet System you say?

The Pet System or the The RAN Online Pets is the newest addition to the RAN Online family as they will help you in your battles. Imagine being able to focus on beating the living daylights out of the baddies while your RAN Online pet scurries around picking up gold, items or whatever you want.

At this time, the new Pet System will introduce two types of pets to players for adoption. There are warrior bravery Tiger and friendly Siberian Husky Dog. Besides, there will be also 15 varieties of pet accessory available for pet owner to choose and to decorate their lovely pet. With all these smart and pretty pet accessories, you pet will become super eye-catching in the game, definitely!

The Pet System lets you adopt the RAN Online Pets that can give you bonuses when you’re fighting, collect item drops from monsters and more! With them by your side, your character will automatically heal! You won’t need to press the Q, W or A buttons!

Plus, it can do tricks for you while your character is idle and there will never be a boring moment with the RAN Online Pets.

New Lovely Pet System – Your best Companion ever!

Cute and Adorable little monster, how can you resist it?

Campus Intro

Four campuses are located at all four directions- East, West, South and North respectively. The entire structures of the building are designed to block all the outside forces and it looks like a castle that was made for defense purpose. On the First floor it will be protected at all time no matter what might happen, so the students here are safe. Ultimately, the students from all four campuses have the same missions, as a result, all students must cooperate to accomplish the missions and they are not allow to fight with other students in the campus zone. But if the purpose is for practice purposes, then players can duel with other characters.
  • In the game, players can choose one out of the three campuses - Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak and Phoenix to start their game. 
  •  Character chosen in different campus will have different uniforms.
  • All the requirements in killing mobs and level up are the same in all campuses.
  • All three campuses have 4 types of Class (Brawler, Swordman, Archery, and Shaman) to choose from.

Episode 1 - The Beginning

The Omen began 18 years ago. A terrifying solar eclipse engulfed the skies above Asia. From this gaping darkness, a vicious torrent of meteors rained down on the continent.  Many thought it was the end. After those terrifying moments, many cities were leveled  leaving a wake of smoldering rubble and scorched earth.

Chaos and paranoia swept over Asia, forcing the rest of the world to quarantine the continent, an island onto itself.

Two years later, from this apocalyptic wreckage, rose the new cities with new technologies never seen before.  A  clandestine organization known only as the Sacred Financial Group ascended to power,  shrouded in myth and mystery, brimming with untold wealth and influence.

The Group would found four schools, each one unique in its own way: Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, Phoenix, and Leonair Campus.

Only the smartest, strongest, fittest students were recruited for these institutions. Yet beneath its quiet fa├žade of learning and academia, an unsettling truth began to surface. These were no ordinary schools. Their infrastructures, rising menacingly above all others, were strange and alien in design.

Suspicion grew. Were these  institutions meant to breed a new generation of genetically-enhanced athletes? Were they military centers meant to recruit and train bio-engineered soldiers?

Soon, rumors began to spread about the alarming activities conducted within the four campuses. Students, they said, were being trained in cryptic, deadly forms of combat beyond the understanding of even the military’s most accomplished intelligence agencies; they were studying forbidden scrolls and texts believed to hold incomprehensible, supernatural power—power to create as well as destroy.  The students were also  being taught the use of  forbidden weapons by Masters exiled long ago for their genocidal role in the Ancient Wars.

The question was: Why? Why train these students in such brutal martial arts?
The answer would arrive with startling implications. A dimensional rift some attribute to the meteor storm had opened the gates to a demonic realm, poisoning the living and possessing the dead.

Only the four schools proved immune to this paranormal plague. Force shields were believed to protect the boundaries of the four schools and its students, keeping them safe within the schools’ borders.

The shields, however, were beginning to show signs of weakness. There were reports of creatures infiltrating school grounds and of students being taken almost daily, never to be seen again.

It was only a matter of time…

Leonair in the East was the first of the four schools  to fall, its entire student populace devoured seemingly overnight, the campus left as a graveyard of memory.

Of those who have attempted to brave the haunted campus grounds of Leonair since, few have returned, and those that have, speak tremulously of a presence so dark, so evil, it would in time, come to destroy all mankind.

So many questions remain unanswered. What caused the meteor shower? From what dimension did this supernatural evil originate from? How did the Sacred Financial Group know of the storm’s destructive, malevolent power?

Today, everything is calm and peaceful at the three schools, even as they wonder which of them is next.
When will their time come? How long will their shields hold?

For now, the students continue their studies.